Petr Osina | Palacký University Law Faculty, Olomouc

The New Natural Law Theory as a Part of the Renaissance of Natural Law Thinking in the 20th Century

Jurisprudence 6/2015 Section: Articles Page: 10-15

Keywords: New Natural Law theory, moral thought, nature of human action, ultimate end of human life

Abstract: The article deals with the analysis of basic ideas of New Natural Law theory which is an important stream in contemporary legal philosophy which emerged in the nineteen sixties and follows the ideas of Thomas Aquinas. Main parts of the article deal with the basic principles of moral thought, nature of human action, nature of political authority, ultimate end of human life, some questions of taking human life and sexual morality. The author presents some critical objections which aim at theoretical postulates of New Natural Law theory and were formulated by opponents from the group of catholic theologians, proponents of natural law and legal positivists.