Licence and Royalty Terms and Conditions

The basic licence and royalty terms and conditions for the publication of articles and expert contributions in the Jurisprudence magazine shall be as follows:

  1. The Author submits articles and expert contributions (hereafter the “Work”) to Wolters Kluwer ČR, a.s., (hereafter the “Publisher”), and the Author grants an exclusive licence to the Publisher to such articles and expert contributions, in both printed and electronic form.
  2. The Author provides the Work to the Publisher without any entitlement to pecuniary remuneration.
  3. The Author consents to the publication of their Work, including their name and e-mail contact, in every printed copy of the magazine, as well as in every copy distributed electronically.
  4. Prior to the publication of the Work, the Author and the Publisher are entitled to proofread and to carry out usual editorial revisions of the Work.
  5. The Author grants a licence to the Work for a period of 5 years, with an optional extension of the term. The Author agrees that the Work shall be filed in the magazine's electronic archives also after the termination of the licence.
  6. The Publisher shall provide the Author with 1 author's copy of the magazine.
  7. Information on the processing of personal data by the Publisher are permanently available on the website in the “Personal Data Protection” section and at the company's headquarters.

Details shall be specified in a licence agreement, which the Publisher shall submit to the Author for approval prior to the publication of the Author's article.


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