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Jurisprudence is an academic journal with a focus on legal research. It publishes papers from various branches of law (both private and public law) and legal theory. In addition to academic (theoretical) papers, it publishes papers focusing on specific issues from the practice of law. More broadly, the journal aims to promote the development of jurisprudence and to  contribute to the debate among scholars about theoretical and practical questions which relate to the law of the Czech Republic or which comment on the transnational perspective - in particular the European law and its relationship to the Czech legal order. A secondary specialisation of the journal is case law.

Basic details

Jurisprudence is a journal of the Charles University Faculty of Law, published in cooperation with Wolters Kluwer Czech republic. It invites submissions from all researchers both from the Czech Republic and abroad.

There are 6 issues per year, 3 in the winter semester and 3 in the summer semester.

Jurisprudence is a peer-reviewed journal included in the RVVI (Research, Development and Innovation Council) List of Peer-reviewed Journals and in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS).

  • All papers published in the journal are automatically included in ASPI (a law database of the Wolters Kluwer CR) managed by Wolters Kluwer Czech republic.
  • In addition to the printed form, the contents of Jurisprudence is also published by means of international database EBSCO.
  • The printed version of the journal is distributed by Wolters Kluwer CR in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Jurisprudence is registered as a periodical under number ISSN 1802-3843.

In the register of periodicals of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
the journal is registered under number E 16534.

Access to papers online

The Jurisprudence website contains the contents of current issues of the journal which are subsequently archived. All users can access an overview outlining the contents of current issues, as well as abstracts. Full version of new papers in the current volume can only be accessed by registered users and subscribers. Issues older than one year are freely accessible.


Jurisprudence has been published since 1991 – at first as a regular supplement of the European and International Law Journal (EMP). Since 1995 it has been published as an independent journal, funded from Dutch governmental programme MATRA designed to promote the development of law in post-communist countries. Within this programme, Jurisprudence was part of a project which sought to enhance the role of case law in the Czech legal order. Its main purpose was to comment on case law, which gradually became its main point of focus, beside general concentration on the issues of legal theory and practice.

After the project ended in 2006, Jurisprudence was taken over by publishing house Wolters Kluwer ČR.

In 2014 Jurisprudence became the official magazine of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University. Consequently, since 2014 Jurisprudence has been primarily publishing scholarly papers, both on the level of legal theory and on the level inspired by the practice of law.  



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