Linda Tvrdíková
Author’s affiliation: Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague

The judicial profession and its dignity. Why should a judge be dignitary and what does it mean?

Jurisprudence 6/2022 Section: Articles Page: 15-27

Keywords: profession, ethics, judicial dignity, codes, confidence

Abstract: The concept of dignity is certainly central to understanding the role of the judge, or the judicial profession, in society. This concept, undefined at the level of Czech legislation, may seem difficult to grasp on the one hand, but on the other hand we are able to use it in common parlance. And if we search for its analysis in Czech literature, we will not find much information on it. Individual articles that touch upon the concept of the dignity of the judge always focus on a particular aspect, which they analyse in more detail. Thus, a more comprehensive view of it is still missing. The aim of this text is to provide a theoretical overview, which is lacking in the Czech legal environment, and which can serve as a basis for further research into the concept of judicial dignity. We will examine it through the function it is supposed to perform. This, in our view, will be the creation and maintenance of confidence in the judiciary.

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