Tomáš Friedel | Charles University Faculty of Law, Prague

Monitoring of Judicial Attendance and Judicial Propriety

Jurisprudence 5/2015 Section: Discourse Page: 36-40

Keywords: professional ethics of judges, disciplinary proceedings of judges, judicial propriety

Abstract: The Paper is a response to the Article ´Nad důstojností soudcovského stavu´ (Notes on Judicial Propriety) which was published in Jurisprudence (2/2014). Firstly, the author briefly summarizes the Article. Secondly, the Paper discusses consequences of chosen conclusions of the Article. The fact, that weakening of formal criterions in assessment of judicial conduct brings necessity to formulate material criterions is emphasized. Furthermore, the author claims that such weakening strengthens a role of judicial disciplinary court and a significance of judicial auto-assessment. A requirement of more precise formulation of the term (judicial) propriety is stated.