Jakub Michálek
Author’s affiliation: Czech Pirate Party

Current state of Czech judiciary

Jurisprudence 3/2020 Section: Discussion Page: 30–39

Keywords: reform of judiciary, quality of courts, approval of citizens, transparency, judicial politics

Abstract: In this article, I present my view of the problems of the Czech judiciary. Judiciary is a service of independent and state-organized dispute resolution, which protects the rights of citizens and other constitutional values. Judiciary should be transparent and should aspire to excellent quality. Compared to other countries in Central Europe, Czech judiciary is not doing a bad job. At the same time, it follows that in comparison to western countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria or Germany, we still have many things to improve in the work of the judiciary and in the confidence of citizens. I see the following causes of the problems: the slowness of certain judicial procedures, the selection procedures for judges and court presidents, lack of transparency, missing system of quality in judiciary, sluggishness of innovations, inadequate personnel, and the long lasting incompetence of the Ministry of justice to deal with these problems. The description of the problems is a precondition for creating a system of continuous improvement in judiciary.