Eva Kratochvílová

Working Time in the Bus Service and its Unique Characteristics

Jurisprudence 2/2015 Section: Discourse Page: 37-43

Keywords: working hours in bus service, waiting periods between bus services, remuneration for waiting time between services

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the problems arising out of the legal regulation of the working time in the bus service. This legal regulation within the Czech labour law is mainly based on government decrees which form the special regulation to the Labour Code. The purpose of my paper is to analyse the hierarchy of sources of law, possibilities of working time schedule and the legal classification of waiting periods between bus services. This article also deals with the special legal institutes which occur especially in transport services – i.e. safety breaks, interruption of working time. Main focus of this paper is the problem of legal classification of the waiting periods between bus services, which brings the further consequences to employees mainly on the field of remuneration and working time schedule. The jurisprudence and the judicature show the different outcomes of the legal classification thereof – performance of work, working readiness or obstacles to work on employer´s side.