Robert Zbíral
Author’s affiliation: Faculty of Law, Masaryk University Brno

Submitting projects in the field of legal science within the Czech Grant Agency: Analysis of the current situation and recommendations for the proposers

Jurisprudence 6/2016 Section: Articles Page: 54-63

Keywords: research projects, Czech Grant Agency, financing of science, P408 panel, evaluation of projects

Abstract: The scientists’ obligations have recently grown exponentially, one of the expected duties is to support their research through external financing. The largest donor for basic research in the Czech Republic, including the field of legal science, is the Czech Grant Agency. The contribution briefly presents functioning of the P408 panel, which is responsible for legal and political sciences, provides summary information on the submitted projects and presents many recommendations for the projects’ proposers. The text is based on the experience of the author as a member of the panel, as well as on aggregated statistical data covering the proposals from 2015-2016.