Petr Svoboda | Právnická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha

Regulation of the Masses and Deregulation of the Elites on the Selected Examples of Czech Administrative Law

Jurisprudence 3/2015 Section: Articles Page: 23-29

Keywords: proliferation of administrative regulation, permission of exceptions to the rules of law, privileged administrative regimes

Abstract: In the article, the author depicts the current trend of proliferation of administrative regulation under Czech law which in fact cannot be observed in practice. He explains that for that reason there are created special rules of internal autoregulation within the administrative legal system. Such rules enable people to legally evade the law or at least to attain subsequent legal recognition of previous non-observance of the law. He particularly focuses on the two specific institutions which can be used especially by „the elites“ – permission of exceptions to the rules of law and so called privileged administrative regimes for selected groups of cases or addressees.