Anna Chamráthová, Tomáš Svoboda
Author’s affiliation: Faculty of Law, Masaryk University Brno

Public Defender of Rights as a Single Person Body

Jurisprudence 4/2018 Section: Articles Page: 20–32

Keywords: Public Defender of Rights, ombudsman, single person body, deputy

Abstract: The paper deals with the issue of whether the Public Defender of Rights is to be considered a single person body. Firstly, it describes single person bodies and then, it analyses the position of the deputy of the Public Defender of Rights as regulated by law and the relationship between the deputy and the Defender. The paper subsequently analyses which of the aspects differ from the characteristics of a single person body. Specifically, they include their equal position ensuing from law, independent representation of the deputy, the manner of their appointment, and the absence of hierarchy between the Defender and the deputy. The last part of the paper focuses on the interpretation and the impact of the described situation.