Marcela Fryštenská | barrister

Judicial Systém and Efficiency

Jurisprudence 5/2015 Section: Articles Page: 25-31

Keywords: judicial system, efficiency, offer judgments, demand for judicial decisions

Abstract: The paper tries to answer the question: How to increase the efficiency of justice? Finding the answer to it should be in the spotlight of every state, since an effective judicial system is crucial for strengthening public confidence in the fairness (if people believe that the rules of behavior are interpreted and applied so that good behavior pays off, they are more willing to adhere to law) and an important support for economic activities (only when contracts can be enforced with a high degree of predictability to investors will exhibit their sunk costs and realize long-term investment.). Statistical data reveal that the demand for judicial decisions exceeds their supply, which can be considered the main cause of delays in judicial proceedings. For finding ways to improve the efficiency of the judicial system need to look at the factors having the demand and supply influence judicial decisions. To this end, the contribution of these reveals and analyzes the key factors of demand for a judicial decision: the value of the dispute, the number of lawyers and density of courts. For factors influencing the efficiency of supply of judicial decisions and provides analyzes: quality celebrity judges their professional, moral, effective checks and balances, adequate spending on the judicial system, the functional model of reporting, which enables a deeper analysis of the causes of lack of organization of the judicial system.