Jan Nešpor
Author’s affiliation: Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague

E-government as a specific legal branch?

Jurisprudence 1/2024 Section: Articles Page: 1-9

Keywords: eGovernment, legal branch, systematization

Abstract: Is there a branch of law called eGovernment law in the Czech legal system? What are its defining criteria or features? Can the complexity of legal regulations be distinguished and systematized into a coherent whole. In order to answer the above hypothesis, the article is based on the theoretical definition of the legal branch. The article discusses this definition and compares the various features that can be observed in eGovernment legislation with it. In addition, the article addresses the related question of whether eGovernment legislation also regulates unique rights and obligations, such as the right of individuals to use eGovernment and its various digital tools and services, and the obligations of public administration to implement these tools and services for practical use. The conclusion of the analysis is that a separate and specific branch of law is emerging and improving, i.e. the law of eGovernment, which consists of specific criteria and features, is based on unique principles, and establishes new rights and obligations.

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