Robert Zbíral | Palackého University Faculty of Law, Olomouc

Calling for More Empirics: How (Not) to Change the Czech Constitution

Jurisprudence 4/2015 Section: Articles Page: 10-15

Keywords: constitutional amendments, presidential powers, Board of the Czech National Bank, empirical methods, critical analysis

Abstract: Proposals to amend Czech constitution, as well as debates about them, are in principle structured by normative beliefs of their authors, unfortunately with little support from empirical knowledge. Everybody defends his or her own vision, but only a few offer analysis based on real data which would reveal what consequences the vision might bring. This article explores the phenomenon on actual amendment of the constitution proposed by the government, aimed at changing the presidential powers. The text argues how to integrate empirical dimension, namely on the main part of the proposed amendment- involvement of the Senate in the nomination process of the Board of the Czech National Bank.