Vít Alexander Schorm
Author’s affiliation: European Court of Human Rights

International and, in Particular, the European, Framework for the Internal Debate on the Legal Protection of Social Rights

Jurisprudence 3/2019 Section: Articles Page: 45–50

Keywords: international commitments in the area of social rights, the European Social Charter, the European Convention on Human Rights, administrative control, individual and collective complaints, improvement of effectiveness of respect for social rights

Abstract: The article situates the internal debate on the legal protection of social rights into a broader, international and, in particular, the European context and points to the international commitments of the Czech Republic in the field of social rights, namely those laid down in various universal instruments, in the European Convention on Human Rights and notably the European Social Charter. It mentions the corresponding control mechanisms and their basic features and is further mainly devoted to the system of the European Social Charter and collective complaints that conveniently complement the control of compliance based on administrative reports. It provides a brief overview of the methods of interpretation employed and refers to the current debate on the ways to achieve a more effective respect for social rights in the member States of the Council of Europe.