Tomáš Friedel
Author’s affiliation: Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague

Art Throwing down the Gauntlet to Law: Legal Consequences of One Artistic Event

Jurisprudence 4/2017 Section: Discussion Page: 33-37

Keywords: Ztohoven, the president's dirty laundry, artistic freedom, freedom of expression, art

Abstract: Based on an academic debate that took place at the Faculty of Law of Charles University earlier this year, this article examines the relationship of law and (visual) arts. Firstly, it draws attention to the (legal) ambiguity of the concept of art. Secondly, it points out a possible conception of constitutional and international protection of artistic productions (autonomous comprehensive protection vs. special protection under the protection of freedom of expression) and the impact that such protection could have on legal practice. The main purpose of the article is to call for further development of the topic presented.