Radim Seltenreich

Jurisprudence 4/2014 Section: Discourse Page: 40-44

Keywords: Rudolf von Jhering, Copernicus‘ turn, legal science, legal positivism

Abstract: The author deals in his contribution with the personality of Rudolf von Jhering (1818-1892) who is sometimes labeled as the „Copernicus´ figure“ of the legal science. The author is consequently questioning if it is possible to accept this declaration and if Jhering really put legal science into position of the turn towards true and better understanding of the law. His conclusion at the end is that such reception of the Jhering´s contribution will stay inevitable controversial although it is not possible to deny that with his consequential interest about the teleological understanding of the law once forever turned the interest of the lawyers just in this direction. The contribution contains in this manner as well the statements about Jhering´s life and work which are brought into the context of the development of German legal science in 19-th century.